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The teaser
was directed in the Parc Zoologique of Paris 

Thanks to Paris Zoological Park, Capture & Release succeeded in its very first step – teaser production for the film “Manman-dlo”.

You can watch there Kai – the first manatee who was transported to Guadeloupe and who proved that long-distance manatee relocations are possible and safe.

We thank the Paris Zoological Park and its team for opening their doors and for collaborating with us.

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Record Player

Caribbeanartists joined us 

After being asked to take part in this project, these two magnificent voices made our words vibrate louder.

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équipe du film

Nom, titre


What if the image could rewild the world ...

Geoffrey Black is a film director, photographer and composer.

He directed the teaser "Manman-dlo" and he is now working on the film, the audiovisual contains, website and community management.

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We are always looking for people who share our passion for healthy nature and who wish to help us grow. You can join our team and be a part of our success stories thanks to your skills, endorsement and cooperation.

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