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How can you help us ?

We are producing a film in order to raise awareness about manatees reintroduction in Guadeloupe and to support the project.

You often ask us about how you can help and we thank you for your interest!

Here we share some ideas, but we would love to hear yours too !

1. So far everything is financed from our own pocket – the teaser that you could see, shooting in Florida, the next in Guadeloupe and Mexico,  rental of professional video equipment, etc.
You can help us cover these logistic expenses and donate to our fundraising campaign: 

2. Become our fundraiser! We propose professional cooperation with enterprises that will sponsor the film production. You can help us to find and reach them!
Do you know people who would be interested in or can you spread the information about the project around you?
Please contact us for more details!


3. Help us find project’s ambassadors! Do you know artists, sport people or other influencers from Guadeloupe that would like to support our project and become a part of it? Help us get in touch with them!

4. Talk about our project among people around you and share with them the teaser : 



5. Like and share our page to help us get more likes on Facebook and Instagram!

Will we hear again manatees’ song in Guadeloupe, 100 years after they disappeared? You can make a real change.

Thank you for your help!

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Film Reels

Your donation will help us finance:

Travel to Guadeloupe

In March 2023 we will travel to Guadeloupe to film the manatee release site, take interviews with local stakeholders and to take part in a debate with politicians and local community.

Film production, technical needs

Geoffrey Black voluntarily help us to create beautiful content with his pro shooting kit, but we still need to obtain certain accessories for cameras, microphones and lights.

Advertising, community management, internet 

For the moment all of what you see is financed by ourselves : the teaser, this website our last shooting days in Florida ... !

We need your help to reach our ambitious objectives.

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Donation is not only money...

Film production is expensive because of all extra logistic expenses, like flight tickets, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, rental of professional equipment, and so on. If you think you could help us with providing one of those, please contact us. You can make a real change and make us pass the next step.

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Sometimes a simple sharing can give us strength

You can spread a massage about our action among your friends and on your social media.

Liking our page, sharing our content, commenting or liking our post means a lot for us.


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