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How can you help us ?

We are working tirelessly to enable successful reintroduction of manatees in Guadeloupe. Our ambitious goal is to save the species from extinction and to restore the coastal ecosystem.

You often ask us about how you can help and we thank you for your interest!

Here we share some ideas, but we would love to hear yours too !

1. We are currently fundraising for conducting a social feasibility research, awareness-raising campaign and scientific review of the preliminary phase of the reintroduction.
You can help us cover some of the project expenses and donate to our fundraising campaign: 

2. Become our fundraiser! We propose professional cooperation with enterprises that will become a sponsor of our actions. You can help us to find and reach them!
Please contact us for more details!


3. Join our team! We are always welcoming new volunteers. Become a rewilding hero and join us on this fascinating journey, no matter if you are based in Guadeloupe or abroad. Write us a message and let's plan a meeting!

4. Help us find project’s ambassadors! Do you know artists, sport people or other influencers from Guadeloupe that would like to support our project and become a part of it? Help us get in touch with them!

5. Talk about our project among people around you and share with them the teaser MANMAN-DLO: 


6. Like and share our page to help us get more visits on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!

Rewilding is allowing nature to heal itself and restoring our integrity with the natural world. Together, let’s rewild Guadeloupe!

Thank you for your help!

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Your donation will help us finance:

Social feasibility research

Understanding the connection of local people to marine ecosystem and their perceptions on manatees reintroduction will help integrate Guadeloupe's population in the project. And including social dimensions in wildlife reintroductions brings better and lasting results!

Awareness-raising campaign

This is where art and science unite in a powerful tool!

A film to rewild the planet, "MANMAN-DLO", is an original combination of local music, powerful images, and captivating story-telling with a scientific message. It will help to raise awareness and build community engagement in the project. 

Preliminary experience review

Analysis of the preliminary experience of manatees reintroduction is key to developing a strong strategic plan and overcoming challanges of such an innovative conservation project. It's a first reintroduction of a fully aquatic marine mammal and there is a lot to learn!

Petite île

Sometimes a simple sharing can give us strength

You can spread a massage about our action among your friends and on your social media.

Liking our page, sharing our content, commenting or liking our post means a lot for us.


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