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Worldwide biodiversity experiences an accelerating decline that threatens the whole ecosystems. The livelihoods of people from surrounding areas are at risk too, as they depend on the functioning of a healthy nature.


However, there is still the time to act and to make a change.

Wildlife translocations for reintroduction are conservation actions that help restore what have been lost.

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“Capture & Release – Capture Images, Release Species” is a non-profit association that helps ambitious conservation projects achieve their goals of successful wildlife reintroductions via:

  • Documentary film production and media support;

  • Veterinary consulting and feasibility analysis.


With the help of high-quality images we can act and support wildlife reintroduction projects.
Communication is one of the main things when it comes to raise awareness among local people and prove the benefits of healthy wildlife management.

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What if images could rewild the world ?

Geoffrey Nicolas | film director & photographer

Tortue de mer
Natalia ROZNIEWSKA President Capture and Release & vet


Wildlife veterinarian, graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, Poland.

Currently studying a Master degree in Conservation Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

She has been working for the Manatee Reintroduction Project in Guadeloupe and was involved in many conservation projects worldwide, including Giant Panda conservation in China, wildlife rehabilitation in South Africa and care for wildlife rescued from illegal trade in Bolivia.

President of Capture and Release 

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Hervé Magnin

Treasurer of Capture and Release

Ecological engineer, conservation specialist, working in the management of protected areas since 30 years.

He was responsible for the environment department at the Luberon Regional Natural Park for 15 years. In charge of the heritage department of Guadeloupe National Park for 12 years and pilot of the West Indian manatee reintroduction program until his departure in 2018 to take over the management of the Golf of Lion Marine Natural Park.

He has had the opportunity, through his functions, to contribute to various international cooperation programs, to lead two scientific councils and to collaborate in the animation of two biosphere reserves.

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Geoffrey Nicolas

Film director - CEO GBP audiovisuals

Dirigeant de la société de

production audiovisuelle GBP

(Geoffrey Black Production)

Réalisateur passionné , à

l’écoute du projet, il réalise le

teaser de présentation du projet

puis entreprend la réalisation

du film « Manman-Dlo »

« Si l’on doit faire sa part,

autant le faire en faisant ce

qu’on sait faire, je crois que l’art

peut changer le monde »

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